The Environment


Here at Moorprint we are committed to produce our printed products responsibly.

  • Our paper suppliers are committed to using PSC Certified Forests which are managed to ensure long term timber supplies
  • All waste paper is recycled. Cardboard is compacted and set for recycling along with all plastics.
  • Machines not in use are switched off until needed rather than kept on standby mode.
  • All rags are washed and re-used rather than discarded.
  • Any toner cartridges are sent for recycling.



All our paper is PSC certified. PSC is an international organisation dedicated in promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.



We used vegetable oil based inks. These inks have much lower rates of VOC’s (volatile organic components). Vegetable oils are derived from renewable resources and the inks made from them are more easily removed from waste paper during de-inking.

Pigments in the vegetable oil inks do not usually contain heavy metals.
All waste paper, polythenes and cardboards are recycled.
Chemicals where used are collected from registered waste carriers and disposed of in the proper manner as laid down by legislation.